Advaita Notebook  

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When you try and look at life
Life is doing the looking

Instead of manifesting
What you want
What you want manifests you
It’s very simple
What is
Is already being done
And you won’t understand it

What could thought
Possibly come up with
To describe that which precedes itself
And in which it arises

Anything you can think of
Is a thought only
The mind is a wonderful tool
Especially when it is bewildered

In truth
You are not responsible
Which means you are not responsible
For the feeling
Of being responsible

 Though events arise by themselves
Whinging about them is perfect
Because whinging is one of those events
It’s not your fault
That you feel separate

A thought about tomorrow
Is a thought now

Thought believes it knows
Before and after
Changing its mind
The ego gets hysterical
At the news it doesn’t exist

There is no room for a chooser
In this

For selfishness you need a self
And there isn’t one
You won’t realize you don’t exist
You are the dissolving of the idea
That you don’t exist

The you that doesn’t exist
Is apparently trying to see this

Don’t take life personally You won’t change your mind
But it will change for you

What happens is out of your control
And your acceptance or non-acceptance
Of what happens is also
Out of your control
And so the whole thing is
Out of your control

When you think about it
Thought is the problem
When you don’t think about it
Thought is not the problem
Whatever you say or think
Or try to work out or plan
Is consciousness doing that
If you give up in despair
That’s also consciousness

If in reality you don’t exist
How can you be sure

What is happening before
Thought gets it
Is unthinkable
Thinking you need
To think something else
Is just another thought

The instant you form the tiniest inkling
Of a someone that is
 Going to do something
Like seek its source
That instant creates the abyss
And then you have ideas like
“I am already the source”
To try and bridge the abyss
That was never there in the first place

Thoughts come from beyond
Prior to language is
The pure truth
Untainted by expression
Ungraspable by mental chit chat
It’s no use mocking
The ego and its antics because
It’s the ego doing that
And furthermore the ego is
Being done by consciousness

Thought is not a tool
Thought can’t be about what is
Because a thought is what is

The feeling of being trapped
Is freedom in action
The feeling of
Wanting something to change
Is the problem
And the perfect solution

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