Advaita Notebook  

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The enlightened guru and
The miserable seeker
Are both dreamed
By consciousness

Enlightenment is a game
Within an illusion
In his generosity
God gave you the hide

To judge his creation
And the freedom
To whinge and moan

The illusion of the story
Of your life
Is unfolding fully and completely
You can’t even stop yourself
Trying to change it

God tells you what to do
Then you think you thought of it
Then God makes it happen
And you say you did it
God’s plan is working perfectly
The you is part of lila
Not something able to observe lila

Enlightenment is disillusion

The world arising
And disappearing
Bamboozles thought
Thought creates time to try and
Sort things out
But it only ends up believing
Its own story
Of which this is an example
The navigation bar
Divides oneness into twelve headings
Which is a ridiculous invitation
To the game of life

There’s no-one to see through
The illusion of a someone

“If I want to believe the ‘I’ thought
I will”
Says consciousness
To dream of waking up
Is still dreaming

If you believe the illusion
You will try and escape from it

A dream cannot be interrupted
By the dreamer
When you see a snake
It is a snake even if it’s a rope
When you see a rope it’s a rope
Even if it was a snake
You see what you see
And know nothing of the other
The illusion is true
Or truth

Object and subject
Shimmer together
As one

You’ve been framed
By oneness
An illusion is not understood
It disappears

You want to see through the pain
But believe in the joy

The you that you think you are
Isn’t  you
The you that you
Don’t think you are
Is you
Nothing lies behind the scenes
As you can see

In a good illusion
Pain really hurts

The feeling you're afraid
Of the illusion
Is another illusion
You can do no wrong
Only God can

Guilt is simply consciousness
Pinning its actions on you

If you didn’t create yourself
Or the world
How can you be responsible
For what happens
The night-time sleeping dreamer
Rarely dreams of how to
Wake up in the morning
Not like the daytime
Seeking dreamer

Even trying to dispel an illusion
Is better than nothing

Believing the illusion
Is the illusion
God is holding a surprise party
For you
All the time

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