Advaita Notebook  

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Life is perfect as it is
Trying to do better is
Not even a mistake

It’s no use putting off realization
Till tomorrow
It’s too late for that
You’re already free
There is lots to do about
Getting liberated
But freedom lies before that

Freedom is the freedom to do as you do
Completely freely with ease
With clarity and awareness
Or with resistance
Or with confusion and ignorance

“What is is all that is”
Is not a statement of the obvious
It points to total freedom
If you don’t know what’s
Going on
And yet it still happens
Maybe your understanding
Isn’t required

Realization is of                      

To be instantly free
Is not a bad offer
When you realize everything said
Is said by God
You are liable to say anything

You must try harder
To find freedom
Or give up trying
Depending on what happens

For true freedom
Lack of understanding
Must be total
Freedom is when
No-one knows nothing
And that’s always

Before enlightenment
Chop wood carry water
After enlightenment
Carry wood chop water

Thinking you are enlightened
Is a big mistake
As big as thinking
You are unenlightened
It’s not that you should
Realize something
You are already what you
Would realize

The idea of enlightenment and
The idea of ignorance are
The same idea

The idea that
The writer of this concept
Is unenlightened
Is not true at all
This is written and read
By consciousness
When a freight train rumbles past
What can be done about that?
When you burn the toast
And toss it in the bin
What can be done about that?
Life is already completely
Full of what’s happening

There are no imperfect mistakes               

Once the truth is revealed
It will soon be eclipsed
And all within oneness
True acceptance is
Acceptance of non-acceptance
And if that’s not possible
Then it’s acceptance of that

What is has already been accepted

True freedom is freedom
From freedom
Before you can blink
You are free

Freedom appears to be
A worry

The leaves are free to blow
Where the wind moves them
Owning up to ignorance
Is bliss

Oneness is liberation
Because you are no longer

Unfortunately you're late for
Your appointment with freedom
Because it just commenced
Taking control of your life
You lose your freedom
Luckily it’s just an idea

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