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Searching for this is not easy
Because you have to keep pretending
That this isn't here

Book - Searching for This


$12.50 USD       160 pages

  ISBN 987-1456415112

Searching for This

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Back cover 
back cover

Searching for This
                                       by Peter Marjason

This book contains all the pointers on
 this site (except some on "New!" ) plus
 400 others to be read at complete leisure
or with a steady momentum.

They will bring you home to peace and
awaken your own intuitive knowledge.
A few pages at a time is all it takes.

Humor, depth and devotion to the total
 mystery make this book a valuable tool
 in your spiritual search.

See examples throughout this site.


Here is a feast of concepts and pointers written by the seeker for the seeker. This is entirely appropriate as the seeker is the sought, and so all is written by the source itself. How else could it be?

However, don’t forget that the reader also is the seeker, and hence the sought. All is read by the source itself.

 All is equal as oneness and there is no point in continuing to look for that which you already are, no point in reading any further.

  Yet anything can happen in this amazing play of oneness. You may find yourself forgetting and searching for the fun of it, or searching in desperation. If so, please feel free to open this book and be joyfully relieved, and beautifully bamboozled by the non dual perspective of our situation. I certainly am.

 As a favour, I do ask you to excuse these concepts for being contradictory, confusing and not the truth, as these are unavoidable and essential problems associated with searching for this.

                                                Peter Marjason


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